In 1996 seven goats were seized by the Humane Society on a cruelty case.  Richard and I heard about this and decided to adopt these babies.  We put up a fence, the goats were delivered to the farm, and so it began......

My Dad came to see us one day.  By this time all of the adopted goats had given birth to their babies and Richard and I had acquired a few more animals, like a little Donkey and a llama.  My Dad dubbed our little farm "The Lookout Mountain Goat Ranch", and it stuck.

Over the years we hosted little picnic for children's organizations so they could learn a little bit about farm life.  they had a greast time, playing with baby goats and going for rides on our little cart and pony.

I have a passion for painting wildlife and these little creatures were an inspiration to me.  I started painting pictures of our little "kids" and soon my artwork came to be known as "Lookout Mountain Goat Ranch Originals"